Midas VIEW ™

Revolutionizing Medication Disposal with Enhanced Security

Welcome to the forefront of medication disposal and diversion prevention – MIDAS VIEW ™, a groundbreaking product from Midas Healthcare Solutions. MIDAS VIEW ™  is poised to revolutionize how healthcare facilities manage medication waste, providing a secure, digitally-connected, data-intensive solution that prioritizes safety, accountability, and compliance. Here we’ll explore the remarkable features and benefits of MIDAS VIEW ™,  showcasing its potential to transform the healthcare industry.

medication disposal and diversion prevention

Secure Medication Disposal with Diversion Prevention

Elevating Medication Security:

MIDAS VIEW ™  takes medication disposal security to unprecedented levels. It enforces dual authentication, incorporating operator fingerprint recognition, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and utilize the system, significantly reducing the risk of improper medication disposal.

Visual Verification with Anytime Witnesstechnology

Precision And Compliance:

MIDAS VIEW’s ™ integration of Anytime Witness™ technology is a revolutionary feature. This innovation streamlines witness verification for controlled-substance and drugs of interest disposal, guaranteeing precision and compliance. Operators and witnesses can conveniently conduct transactions at optimal times, simplifying documentation and minimizing errors.


Cutting-Edge Camera Technology for Transparency

Crystal-Clear Video Confirmation:

Our system utilizes cutting-edge 4K 360º high definition cameras, capturing video records of both operators and disposal transactions. This visual documentation fosters transparency and accountability, providing a comprehensive record of each disposal event.

Chemical Neutralization for Responsible Waste Disposal

Environmental Responsibility:

MIDAS VIEW ™  goes beyond secure disposal by chemically neutralizing deposited medications, transforming them into standard waste. This eco-friendly approach is environmentally responsible while upholding pharmaceutical compliance.


Seamless Integration for Comprehensive Efficiency

Digital Connectivity:

MIDAS VIEW ™  is designed for seamless integration with all hospital systems, including:


  •     Automated dispensing machines (ADMs) for enhanced workflow
  •     Streamlined medical/surgical workflow optimization
  •     Synchronization with hospital electronic medical records (EMRs)
  •     Compatibility with remote-monitoring apps on computers and mobile devices
  •     Complementary to existing software solutions

Data-Intensive Accountability

Robust Oversight:
A cornerstone of MIDAS VIEW ™ , significantly mitigating risks while enhancing overall efficiency. It offers comprehensive inventory control and medication reconciliation. The solution even facilitates system-driven sample collection for third-party assays, ensuring the highest accuracy in medication management to date.
MIDAS VIEW ™ isn’t merely a medication disposal system; it’s a game-changer for healthcare facilities seeking to upgrade diversion prevention, heightened security, efficiency, accountability, and environmental responsibility in medication disposal practices.
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