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Why Choose MIDAS VIEW Over Your Current Hospital Tracking System?

Welcome to the realm of healthcare innovation with MIDAS VIEW, a pioneer in technology from Midas Healthcare Solutions. MIDAS VIEW is not your typical “tracking software.” We’re a groundbreaking technology company that facilitates efficient waste event-witnessing through preventative visual accountability and video documentation, introducing the revolutionary concept of ‘Anytime Witnesses™’. Let’s explore why MIDAS VIEW is the superior choice.

Revolutionizing Witnessed Wasting:

Our system redefines the landscape of witnessed wasting by recording each event with meticulous precision. This revolutionary approach ensures that no detail is overlooked.

Comprehensive Medication Waste Management:

MIDAS VIEW encompasses both controlled and non-controlled medication waste, effectively preventing diversion at the time of disposal. We leave no room for compromise in medication security.

Innovative Anytime Witness™ Technology:

Exclusive to MIDAS VIEW, Anytime Witness™ eliminates the need to locate a physical witness before disposing of controlled substances. This groundbreaking technology stores video vignettes that can be reviewed and adjusted as needed, ensuring confirmation without compromising patient care and safety.

See for Yourself with a MIDAS Anytime Witness™ Technology Example:

For a firsthand experience of the power of MIDAS Anytime Witness™ technology, please click the link below.

MIDAS VIEW is not just a tracking system; it’s a leap forward in healthcare technology, ensuring accountability and safety in medication disposal. Make the switch to MIDAS VIEW for a more secure, efficient, and innovative approach to waste event-witnessing.

How Does MIDAS VIEW Enhance Your Current Diversion Software?

In the world of healthcare solutions, MIDAS VIEW stands out with its capacity to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. Here are some key points to consider:

Integration with EHR and ADMs:

MIDAS VIEW is expertly designed to integrate with your Electronic Health Records (EHR) system and connect seamlessly with Automated Dispensing Machines (ADMs). This compatibility ensures a streamlined workflow and comprehensive medication waste management.

Complementing Diversion Software:

Our software is crafted to harmonize with diversion software that you may already have in place. MIDAS VIEW complements your current diversion software, bridging gaps that traditional software alone might leave behind.

MIDAS VIEW isn’t here to replace your existing systems; it’s here to enhance them, offering a more complete and cohesive solution for your healthcare facility. It’s time to elevate your diversion prevention with MIDAS VIEW.


Rest assured, MIDAS VIEW is aligned with your hospital’s commitment to patient data privacy. Our software is fully compliant with the stringent requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Your patients’ confidential information is safeguarded within the bounds of HIPAA regulations, ensuring the highest level of data security and privacy. Trust in MIDAS VIEW to uphold these critical standards as we deliver innovative solutions for your healthcare facility.

What Customer and IT Support Can You Expect?

MIDAS offers flexible support options tailored to your specific requirements. We’re here to assist you at various service levels, and we’re more than happy to provide a detailed explanation of the available service tiers, ensuring your needs are met effectively. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Have You Conducted Any Pilots Before Coming to Market?

Before reaching the market, MIDAS VIEW has undergone extensive testing and pilot programs. We have collaborated with numerous well-regarded and innovative hospital systems across the country to refine and validate our solution. This commitment to real-world testing ensures that MIDAS VIEW meets the highest standards and expectations of healthcare facilities.

What Sets MIDAS VIEW Apart from Existing Med Room Cameras?

There are distinct advantages of MIDAS VIEW’s video surveillance features over conventional camera systems:

Comprehensive Approach:  MIDAS VIEW takes a holistic approach to monitor waste transactions, combining integrated cameras, intelligent user-friendly software, and practical workflow enhancements. Our solution is purpose-built to deter and prevent waste-related drug diversion.

Management-Level Review Capability: MIDAS VIEW offers the capability for management-level review, ensuring that every detail is scrutinized and accounted for.

Superior Image Quality: Our cameras produce images that surpass the experience of being “in the room” at the time of disposal, delivering unparalleled clarity and precision.

Stealth Monitoring: We provide the unique capability of stealth monitoring, allowing you to discreetly observe users and maintain a watchful eye over medication disposal events.

High-Resolution 360-Degree Cameras:   Our advanced high-resolution 360-degree cameras enable comprehensive monitoring, further enhanced by “Anytime Witness” improvements, quality assurance review capabilities, and stealth monitoring features.

MIDAS VIEW is more than just a camera system; it’s a sophisticated, all-encompassing solution that elevates medication waste management to a new level of security, efficiency, and accountability.

What's the Cost and Inclusions of MIDAS VIEW?

MIDAS VIEW is not just a machine; it’s a comprehensive technology solution designed to transform your medication waste management. Here’s what you need to know about the cost:

No Capital Expenditure: Deploying our units won’t burden you with a significant capital expense. Instead, we offer a subscription-based solution, ensuring affordability and flexibility for your hospital.

Tailored Pricing: We understand that every healthcare facility has unique needs. That’s why we’re ready to discuss and tailor a pricing approach that best suits your specific requirements.

For detailed pricing information and to explore the value that MIDAS VIEW brings to your facility, please contact us via the provided link. We’re here to work with you to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

How do we learn more about the MIDAS VIEW and schedule a demonstration?

To learn more about MIDAS VIEW and to schedule a demonstration, simply click the link below. Our dedicated MIDAS representative will promptly reach out to assist you. Your journey towards a more secure, efficient, and accountable medication waste management system starts here.


Anytime Witnessimproves controlled-substance wasting accuracy and efficiency
  • Midas VIEW makes drug wasting more secure
  • Midas VIEW digitally connects with all hospital systems
  • Midas VIEW provides data-intensive accountability