Welcome to the realm of healthcare innovation



A secure, data-intensive wasting system featuring visual verification with Anytime Witness™ technology

Welcome to the realm of healthcare innovation

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Featuring Anytime Witness™ – a game-changing technology that records a panoramic view of wasting transactions for safe, reliable disposal. It’s like being in the room!
  • Makes drug wasting more secure
  • Designed to connect with existing hospital technology
  • Provides data-intensive accountability
  • Supports and enhances patient safety
  • Improves medication administration workflow
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Our Future

Our patent-pending products, technology, and systems link critical accountability and traceability characteristics to medications and their users.

About MIDAS Healthcare Solutions

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About Us

MIDAS Healthcare Solutions was formed in 2017 to address failures in medication security, enabling rising levels of diversion of controlled substances. This is one of the main factors fueling the nation’s opioid epidemic.

The genesis for MIDAS was Founder and CEO Michael LaFauci’s vision to safely neutralize and dispose of Fentanyl patches. Knowing that these patches are widely prescribed with no safe means of disposal, he created the Patch Catcher™ in an effort to reduce accidental exposure to the discarded medication.


Insights From Research With Nurses

I'd have proof that I [wasted] correctly and it can be reviewed if needed... Reassuring that I can be trusted to do it the right way.

Nobody was available [to witness] and then I forgot. We have several of those [incident reports] a day. Nurses would be grateful to have MidasVIEW.

Welcome to the realm of healthcare innovation


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Why Choose MIDAS VIEW™ Over Your Current Hospital Tracking System?

Welcome to the realm of healthcare innovation with MIDAS VIEW™, a pioneer in technology from MIDAS Healthcare Solutions. MIDAS VIEW™ is not your typical “tracking software.” We’re a groundbreaking technology company that facilitates efficient waste event-witnessing through preventative visual accountability and video documentation, introducing the revolutionary concept of ‘Anytime Witnesses™’. Let’s explore why MIDAS VIEW™ is the superior choice.

Revolutionizing Witnessed Wasting:

Our system redefines the landscape of witnessed wasting by recording each event with meticulous precision. This revolutionary approach ensures that no detail is overlooked.

Comprehensive Medication Waste Management:

MIDAS VIEW™ encompasses both controlled and non-controlled medication waste, effectively preventing diversion at the time of disposal. We leave no room for compromise in medication security.

Innovative Anytime Witness™ Technology:

Exclusive to MIDAS VIEW™, Anytime Witness™ eliminates the need to locate a physical witness before disposing of controlled substances. This groundbreaking technology stores video vignettes that can be reviewed and adjusted as needed, ensuring confirmation without compromising patient care and safety.

See for Yourself with a MIDAS Anytime Witness™ Technology Example:

For a firsthand experience of the power of MIDAS Anytime Witness™ technology, please click the link below.

MIDAS VIEW™ is not just a tracking system; it’s a leap forward in healthcare technology, ensuring accountability and safety in medication disposal. Make the switch to MIDAS VIEW™ for a more secure, efficient, and innovative approach to waste event-witnessing.

How Does MIDAS VIEW™ Enhance Your Current Diversion Software?

In the world of healthcare solutions, MIDAS VIEW™ stands out with its capacity to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. Here are some key points to consider:

Integration with EHR and ADMs:

MIDAS VIEW™ is expertly designed to integrate with your Electronic Health Records (EHR) system and connect seamlessly with Automated Dispensing Machines (ADMs). This compatibility ensures a streamlined workflow and comprehensive medication waste management.

Complementing Diversion Software:

Our software is crafted to harmonize with diversion software that you may already have in place. MIDAS VIEW™ complements your current diversion software, bridging gaps that traditional software alone might leave behind.

MIDAS VIEW™ isn’t here to replace your existing systems; it’s here to enhance them, offering a more complete and cohesive solution for your healthcare facility. It’s time to elevate your diversion prevention with MIDAS VIEW™.


Rest assured, MIDAS VIEW™ is aligned with your hospital’s commitment to patient data privacy. Our software is fully compliant with the stringent requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Your patients’ confidential information is safeguarded within the bounds of HIPAA regulations, ensuring the highest level of data security and privacy. Trust in MIDAS VIEW™ to uphold these critical standards as we deliver innovative solutions for your healthcare facility.

MIDAS Healthcare Solutions

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