Diversion is the problem.

We have the solution.

MIDAS Healthcare Solutions is poised to provide the first comprehensive solution to aid in the prevention of medication theft and abuse, also known as diversion, in healthcare institutions and homes.

We are an advanced stage start-up with a patent-pending portfolio of innovative advanced-technology products, processes, and systems that link critical accountability and traceability characteristics to medications, and their users, dispensers, and caregivers.

We're striving to improve medication security

MIDAS develops products otherwise unavailable for the healthcare system to secure, track, and dispose of powerful drugs like opioids, thereby reducing improper access and costs associated with provider misuse and patient abuse.

How we're making a difference


Diversion, or the theft and abuse of medication, clearly plays a primary role in the nation’s opioid crisis. Nearly three-quarters of opioid abusers get their drugs through diversion and 53% of abusers start with a diverted drug. The resulting impact speaks for itself:         There are more than 130 deaths daily from opioid overdoses. 

Given the depth and breadth of medication diversion, the market for MIDAS’s products and systems is substantial. The primary customers are retail pharmacies (chain, independent, in-store), hospitals and healthcare systems, and pharmaceutical companies. 


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